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Adoptions from Ukraine increasing in popularity

Adoption can be a complicated area of family law, but it is also a rewarding one for the families. There are many reasons why people in Illinois adopt children. Sometimes a child is adopted by a step-parent or by another relative if the biological parents can no longer care for the child. Other times the couple attempting to adopt is not able to have children of their own or they may be a same sex couple and want to have a family. In these cases, people can adopt children living in the United States or look internationally to adopt a child.

For many years Americans looked to Russia to adopt children. However, in 2012 Putin put a ban on adoptions by Americans for what people feel were political reasons. So, many Americans have turned to Ukraine in order to adopt children. There are some restrictions put on which children in Ukraine can be adopted, such as, they must be at least five years old unless they are special needs or are with a sibling who is over five, but the number of adoptions has increased since the Russian ban was put in place.

While people can look internationally in order to adopt children, many children in the United States up for adoption as well. Also, international adoptions tend to be more complicated since people are dealing with the regulations of two countries as well as international law. Even though domestic adoptions tend to be less complicated, domestic adoptions still take time and a lot of paperwork must be properly completed. There can also be more complications in situations where more than one family wants to adopt the child. However, adoption may be the only way for some couples to start a family.

While the process for Illinois families to adopt a child, whether domestically or internationally, can be a very complicated and long process, the wait is worth it. Attorneys understand the complicated adoption process and may be able to help guide one through it.

Source: The Daily Beast, "Ukraine is America's new adoption mecca" Tina Traster, Feb. 1, 2014

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