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Woman steals check in order to pay child support

In Illinois, the State has an interest in making sure children's financial needs are being met. For children who have unmarried parents, one way the State ensures this is through child support. Many parents find themselves paying child support for a long time as they are required to pay it until the child turns 18 in most cases. Over the course of a child's life, circumstances change though and some parents find it difficult to pay the court ordered child support. In response many parents simply stop paying it and find themselves in arrears.

Recently, one woman did not want to be in arrears on her child support even though she did not have the money to pay it on time. However, she did not have the best solution to her problem. In order to pay the child support payment she went into her neighbor's apartment and took her check book, wrote a check and sent it in. Eventually the woman admitted to her neighbor that she took the check and promised to pay her back. When she did not pay the neighbor back, she was arrested and charged with forgery and theft.

This is obviously not the proper solution when people find themselves unable to make a child support payment. A better solution would be to modify the existing child support order. If there has been a significant change, such as a loss of a job or a medical emergency, people can modify their child support order to reflect the changes and lower their payments. However, they need to go to court and have the order actually modified. Until the court order is changed, the person is responsible for the current payments.

Many people in Illinois are no longer able to make their child support payments. Failing to pay has its consequences and stealing is not the solution to the problem. However, people in this position may be able to have their child payments reduced through modification of the order. Attorneys know circumstances change and may be a helpful resource as a person modifies child support.

Source: Times Daily, "Woman took check to pay child support, officials say" Tom Smith, Feb. 6, 2014

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