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Rockford Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right legal representation is vital when your future is uncertain. Whether you are facing a family law challenge or your freedom is at stake in a criminal law matter, it is important to select an attorney who understands your needs and can help you achieve your goals.

Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. is known for providing nearly unparalleled service for our clients. We serve Rockford and the surrounding areas in Illinois and believe that everybody deserves outstanding legal representation. At our firm, we do more than scratch the surface. We dig deep to uncover the real issues and work hard to find a solution.

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Value Through Problem-Solving

Attorney Brad Tengler takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating the facts of a legal case. He is known for his ability to problem-solve and resolve cases before reaching the point of litigation. He and our legal team will use all available resources to help leverage your case so that we are more likely to reach a favorable outcome. At all times, we will be working toward reaching the goal that you have identified for your particular situation.

What our Clients Say

  • I obtained Brad Tengler to help me in a guardianship case for my granddaughter. Brad and his staff are hard working , very knowledgeable, polite people that I have ever had the pleasure working with. Brad advise me clearly and always guided me through every process. It was a difficult case with a wonderful out could ,myself and my family can't thank them enough.

    I was absolutely recommend Brad and his firm and I would definitely hire him again.

    – Catherine Young
  • By far best divorce and family court attorney in the area. Brad and his staff made the process as painless as possible and made it possible to achieve a settlement that exceeded my expectations. Worth their weight in gold.

    – Rachel Woker
  • Good Morning Everyone,

    I just want to take the time out of my day to personally thank Atty. Bradley Tengler And his wonderful group of colleagues on such wonderful Work that was done with my divorce case. Atty. Tengler guided and helped me thru the exiting of a 26 year married in to a new life with new beginnings. I will forever be grateful and would surely suggest this attorney and his office for any legal issues that may arise in your life. Call attorney Brad Tangler to assist & complete the issue at hand.

    Thanks again.

    – Yvette M. Jordan
  • Brad and his associates never offered what they couldn't deliver, they provided the best defense for the situation at hand. Awesome!

    Thanks again.

    – Larry Hill
  • Bradley Tangler and Ryan Smith guided me during a difficult time in my life. Battling a child custody battle was very hard for me. They provided me with great legal advice and guided me thru the whole process. I am grateful for their kindness, honesty and for having patience with my situation. I will always be grateful with them.

    – Bianca Delgado
  • The secretary was really nice and talking with the lawyer made me feel really confident about the case we were talking about, definitely coming back and will recommend them to other people.

    – Olivia Killebrew
  • Great to work with! I have used Attorney Tengler multiple times over the last 3-4 years with a few different issues. One thing I love about Brad is that he always thinks about the best outcome for everyone involved and not just winning in whatever way possible. There were a few times where I had an idea about what to do and Brad had me consider a few things first which I hadn't thought about pertaining to what was in my children's best interest. That meant a lot to me. I fully trust Brad and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

    – Brad Homewood
  • Can't say enough good things about Brad and his team...

    – Kim Gowman
  • My experience with Bradley Tengler's Law Office was extremely positive. He and his staff did a fantastic job in handling my case as well as helping relieve the anxiety I was going thru at the time. They are detail oriented and were very quick to get things moving with my case and having it resolved with a very satisfactory outcome.

    Thank You Again!

    – Fred Allen
  • I can honestly say that working with Brad Tengler has been a wonderful experience through a very difficult time. I’ve been working with Brad and April and his team for near 5-1/2 years now. Never once have I felt as though I was just another client. Even during the slow times of my case such as waiting on continuances, distant court dates, or when nothing was happening legally I could always quickly get a hold of someone to answer my questions, provide legal advice, or guide me through a though situation.

    Brad is an attorney with integrity. He is known for his honesty and wise legal guidance in every way. Even when I have questioned him, you must listen... as he does know how to handle the utmost important legal dealings in family law. You will not be sorry.

    I feel as though Brad has always been completely honest with me in managing my expectations and timelines and keeping them realistic. He has always taken the time to make sure I understand the law and the situation without ever talking down to me or making me feel uneducated.

    – Laura
  • Step parent adoption

    My husband and I met with Bradley and hired him right after our initial consultation for our step parent adoption. He expressed in our first meeting that this was his favorite type of case, and that really showed throughout the process. It went as fast as any court case could. We went in never having a lawyer before and didn’t know what exactly to expect. Emails and phone calls were answered timely. He or Ryan would follow up with us after a court appearance that didn’t need to be attended. I never had a negative encounter with anyone in the office. Worked court dates around our schedules. If we are to ever need a lawyer again we will definelty be using Bradley and his team.

    – Bethany Zier
  • Brad did a wonderful job representing me in court. Family court is never fun, but he was honest and made me feel as comfortable with the process as possible. He was always very professional, on time, and well prepared. I would highly recommend him!

    – Dustin Marino
  • I want to thank you Brad T so much for all your hard work I would recommend u to anyone. Every one that's on ur team help my case go very smoothly. 🎉🎉🎉I was very pleased with my results thank you again.

    – Tressa Mosley
  • Definitely one of the best in town hands down don't believe me then okay but you gonna wish you did..

    – thomas tillman
  • Bradley Tengler best lawyer in Rockford

    I've had Bradley Tengler as my family lawyer for about a year and a half and he is one of the best lawyers in Rockford. He has gone above and beyond to fight for my rights as a father. I went from having my daughter a few hours a week to having her every week and I couldn't have asked for more. Bradley really works for you and is there for you through the entire process. If you are ever in need of a good attorney you have to choose Bradley Tengler. I couldn't have asked for a better experience

    – Thomas Montgomery
  • I was given the exact service that was described from the beginning. No one wants to get divorced but if you need someone to personally invest in your case, Mr. Tengler and his associate's are there for you. This process was easier because of you. Thank you!

    – Angela Bitner
  • Excellent Professional Service

    Mr. Bradley Tengler is an outstanding attorney who I found very determined, prepared, and compassionate. From the initial consultation thru to the final ruling, I felt confident that my case was being handled with knowledge, and competence. Attorney Tengler was exceptional in the court proceedings, with mutual respect evident between Attorney Tengler and the court. Attaining custody of my granddaughter was completed in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Attorney Bradley Tengler, and without hesitation use his services again if needed.

    – Scott Daughenbaugh
  • Brad Tengler is a very professional and helpful lawyer. I had a long and drawn out divorce because of a felony my then husband was being charged with at the same time as the divorce. Brad was very understanding and empathetic to my situation and my financial burdens. Brad allowed me to make payments within my budget and in a realistic time frame. I am very thankful for his help in starting my new chapter.

    – Penny Martens
  • Hands down the best law office in town. Brad Tengler is an exceptional attorney, who fights for you both in and out of the courtroom. Quite simply. He cares. The same can be said for his great staff. They always took the time to anwser all my questions, were flexible with me on making payments and never gave me the "run around" throughout the whole legal process.

    – Jered King
  • Brad is an awesome guy on top of being an amazing attorney. The man know what he is doing no questions ask. My step kids were in a horrible situation and thier father needed to get them out of it when I looked up reviews for great family law divorce lawyers brad had great reviews I didn't even look at anyone else told my boyfriend about him and we called the next day. Let me tell you he did not disappoint. Hes very professional and knows how to keep his clients calm and in order. He works very hard for you and even when we lost hope brad never gave up and walked us through it. We now have the kids living with us in a happy and healthy inviroment and if not for brad i dont think we wouldve gotten this far. He is God sent to us to help our family. No amount of money in the world could ever thank him for all he has done for us. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone who needs an attorney who knows what he's doing and fights for you. Don't look any further brads your man.... he is so compassionate about what he does and he believes in his clients. You will not be let down by obtaining him as your attorney. Hes a great guy and treats you with respect. Thank you brad you have know idea how much we appreciate you and all you have done for us. We can never repay you or thank you enough..

    – Renee Hoskins
  • Bradley Tengler is an amazing attorney. There are no words that can quite describe my gratitude to Attorney Tengler for his professionalism, expertise, work ethic, and candor. From our first meeting, he made me feel that he genuinely had concerns about my case, wellbeing and family. Throughout the process of my litigation he was very candid with me in regards to possible outcomes. He also gave great advice and inspiring words of encouragement. Attorney Tengler's attention to detail and follow up was impeccable. He is the definition of a remarkable attorney. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and have Attorney Tengler represent me.

    For anyone in need of an attorney who truly cares and who will fight for you, I strongly recommend Bradley Tengler. I wish him nothing but success for his future and I cannot thank him enough for how he has helped me and my family.

    – Jennifer Berry
  • Attorney Tengler did a fine job of representing my family in court. He knows the legal system and invests himself in the cases that he's involved in. Would recommend.

    – Amanda Cooper
  • Definitely recommend

    Family law/divorce issues. Final settlement agreement exceeded my expectations. was able to set up a payment plan that worked with my budget. Communication between staff at the office was exceptional. April, Ryan and Brad were absolutely great to work with. Made a less then ideal situation bearable. I would definitely recommend!!!

    – Rachel
  • A Great Law Firm!

    I thought that Brad and his firm did a great job in handling my case.

    They were attentive and carefully explained how my case was going to play out. Everything was done in a timely manner with attention to detail given. I can't thank them enough for the help they gave me during this difficult time in my life.

    – Frederick
  • Wonderful Law Practice

    I recently had to make the decision to file for bankruptcy following my divorce. I was referred to Attorney Tengler and was impressed immediately. The office atmosphere and staff were wonderful, I was treated respectfully and throughout the process I always felt like I was a priority. My questions were answered and everything was explained to me so I felt comfortable moving forward, feeling more knowledgeable about what would happen...

    – Anonymous
  • Mike

    He was very quick on my behalf he was honest he knew what to do he allways had answers he was very polite and respectful I give 20 stars for sure. I would recommend him to everyone I know that needs a great attorney period.

    – Michael Mischen
  • Great attorney

    Brad was very supportive throughout the difficult divorce process. He and his staff were thorough and kind. I always felt like my, as well as my children's, best interest was first priority. He is a great advocate and I would recommend him without hesitation.

    – Kate
  • Outstanding!

    During stressful and difficult times, Brad is intelligently compassionate on your behalf. He researches all details giving thoughtful and long term considerations for your future. He and his staff are great to work with.

    – Anonymous
  • Brad is the best and will work hard for you.

    Brad worked hard to insure my rights as a father were listened to and I now have my Daughter with me thanks to Brad

    – Jason
  • Superb lawyer

    My brother had a great experience with Brad so I decided to see him for a free consultation. I was hesitant to hire a divorce lawyer. I was dreading the whole process but Brad made me feel at ease within the first 5 minutes of talking to him. He didn't push me to use him and gave me great advice during the free consultation. I hired him because I knew he would fight for me better than I could fight for myself. Him and his team were great at...

    – Allison
  • professional, competent and compassionate

    Brad and his team were professional, competent, responsive, fair and compassionate. Brad listened to us and provided thoughtful And insightful strategies to achieve our desired outcome. We highly recommend Bradley Tengler law to anyone in need of legal services.

    – Lynn
  • Amazing is all I can say

    Right now I am being represented by Bradley Tengler's firm in a bitter divorce that came at me out of the blue. When I was searching for a lawyer on the same day I was served I actually signed with one lawyer and then did not feel he would be a good fit and then I found Bradley's listing on AVVO. I sent him a request at 8:00 pm and he called me back within 30 minutes and we setup a consultation for the next day. I had to deal with a...

    – Anonymous
  • Helped me through an unsure situation!!!

    Bard and his office was recommend to me by my lawyer from other case, he was extremely helpful and informative, not to mention quicker that I had thought this case would have taken. I was very please with his work and glad that he accepted my case to represent. Thank you bard for all of your hard work! Would definitely recommend

    – Anonymous
  • Excellent Representation

    My husband and I hired Mr. Tengler for an adoption case. He was very knowledgeable with the process and very helpful. He was open to allowing me to help in the process of getting the other party served, which really helped to speed up the process. He answered my questions in a timely manner and told us what to expect. Our outcome was amazing and my son could not be happier. I would definitely recommend Mr. Tengler to anyone I know that is having family related court issues!

    – Krystal
  • Amazing

    Brad is an amazing attorney and his office staff is top notch. He represented me through a very lengthy, complex and difficult divorce. Throughout the process he was knowledgeable, compassionate and willing to listen to the whole story. Always making sure that the decisions being made were what I really wanted. He is very efficient and I never felt that my time or money was being wasted.

    Highly Recommended.

    – Ross
  • Child Support and Custody

    He helped me to obtain sole custody and child support and always kept me inform about what to expect during court time. I highly recommend him.

    – Liz Gonzalez
  • A Man you can Trust

    Not many attorneys make me feel relieved when I see them coming but this one does. I finally feel like that there is at least one person who seems to understand and therefore I don't feel so alone. For a former military man like me, Brad is the type of person with whom I would not have minded sharing a foxhole with. He makes me feel that no matter what, he will always have my back.

    – R. Manns
  • a lawyer that will fight for you

    Brad helped me regain vistitation of my children, he helped me get a restraining order removed and supervised vistation removed. i am now able to take my kids home every other weekend and i get them on holidays.

    – kate
  • If you have a bad opinion about lawyers, this one will change your mind.

    He was so compassionate, positive, and helpful that he made what I hope was the most difficult part of my life so much easier. He was knowledgable and encouraging, and explained things until I understood them. On court hearing dates, he told me what was going to happen and who was going to do what, so there were never any surprises. The outcome of my case was very positive, which I attribute to his knowledge, experience, and reputation in this community. You will not be sorry to have him as an attorney, but the other side will be sorry that he is your attorney.

    – Laurie

Our Practice

We undertake work in a vast range of legal practice areas, including:

  • Divorce, custody and family law — Excellent family law representation does not have to cost a fortune. We leverage our knowledge and experience to help clients find resolutions to issues before going to trial. Issues we commonly address include child support, maintenance (alimony), adoption, orders of protection, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) cases and more.

  • Criminal law —Criminal charges can follow you for life. Whether this is the first time you have been charged with a crime or you have a record, you need an attorney who knows how to tackle the case to provide you with the best outcome.

  • Consumer bankruptcy — If you are being hounded by bill collectors and are struggling to make ends meet, there is hope. Find out what bankruptcy can do for you and how it can help you get back on level ground again.

  • Personal injury —When you are hurt in an accident, it can often feel like you are injured twice. After your initial injury, you may find insurance companies either pushing you to settle or questioning your claim altogether. Get an attorney early so insurance companies can't push you around.

Commitment To Delivering Quality Legal Services

When we take on a case, our goal is to reach the best possible outcome. In doing this, we strive to have open lines of communication between us and our clients at all times. Our Rockford divorce attorney, Brad Tengler, takes a solution-oriented and strategic approach to resolving disputes, and he always put our clients' best interests first. We will take the time to align our priorities with yours and commit to providing strong advocacy.


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