When you share custody and you want to change a child’s school

Aug 21, 2020 | Child Custody

Everybody, it seems, is on social media these days. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or some other platform, you probably don’t think much about sharing your opinion or moments from your day with others.

Well, that can be bad news if you’re in a custody fight. Whatever you post is generally considered public information — which means it can be printed out and presented in court.

Your ex won’t have to work hard to make you look bad if you do it for them, so here are four things you need to remember to avoid posting:

1. Vents about your ex or the judge in your case

Your ex is infuriating, and you may not be thrilled with some of the judge’s decisions — but venting about either of them on Facebook won’t win you any points. If your post is aggressive enough, you could end up with a restraining order.

2. Your social life and adventures

Maybe you don’t think it should be an issue of you’re out at the bars when you don’t have the kids or that you’re dating around in your search for someone new, but your ex may use posts about those things to make you look like you’re not a particularly dedicated parent. If they can catch a photo of you looking drunk, they’ll probably be even happier.

3. Information about your children

Your kids are beautiful and talented, to be certain, but you want to use caution when posting their photos online during this time. You can expect your ex to scrutinize every picture for signs that your children aren’t be cared for properly when they’re in your custody.

Is it wisest to just shut down your social media sites during a custody battle and go silent for a while? Probably. Failing that, you may want to make your account private and kick off anybody who isn’t an extremely close friend. If you’re in doubt about what you should do to manage your social media right now, think about talking to an experienced attorney.