3 tips for raising your grandchildren

Oct 27, 2017 | Grandparent Visitation

If you are raising your grandchildren, you are doing a lot of good work. Whether the parents are absent or unfit to raise their own kids, your stepping in is commendable.

Raising the second generation of your family brings you a lot of fulfillment, but according to the AARP, it can also be unexpectedly challenging. No matter how much love you have for your grandkids, being responsible for them can surely frustrate you and stress you out from time to time. Managing your emotions and taking the right steps can help you develop the best relationship possible with your beloved grandchildren.

1. Practice self-care

The physical, financial and emotional demands of raising your grandchildren can be taxing. If you are not careful, you could easily wear yourself out. It is easy to put your own needs on the backburner when you are caught up in daily tasks of taking care of kids. Remember that if you are emotionally drained and exhausted, you cannot be the best caretaker. Find time to relax and take part in hobbies to give yourself peace of mind.

2. Seek support

You should not go through the stress of raising kids again on your own. Find close family members or friends and talk to them about your struggles. This gives you the opportunity to sort out your feelings and get advice. You may consider reaching out to your religious community, local library or neighborhood babysitters for assistance, too.

3. Create a stable environment

Especially if you have recently become your grandchildren’s legal guardian, it will take some work for all of you to adjust to this new living arrangement. You can do some things to improve the transition. For example, you can establish routines, follow schedules, set up house rules and encourage input from your grandkids.

Raising grandchildren is hard but rewarding work. By taking care of yourself and your home life, you can do a better job of taking care of them.