Rockford Attorney for Violations of Orders of Protection

If you are facing a charge for violating an order of protection, it is important to note that with a strong defense there is hope for your case. Whether you are guilty or innocent, and whether this is your first offense or third, our firm is confident in our ability to provide you with the aggressive representation you need to have the charges dismissed or the punishment lightened.

Illinois Law

Violating an order of protection in Illinois can result in a broad range of charges. If the State of Illinois finds you guilty of violating an order of protection for the first time, you will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, punishable with up to 364 days in jail in addition to a fine. Violation as a second or third defense, however, can be a felony, subjecting violators to an even more severe punishment


We at Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. are equipped with the tools to form a strong case in your defense. Cases involving violations of orders of protection require creative and strategic planning. Many times such violation charges can be dismissed on the grounds that the accuser is purposefully placing himself/herself in the vicinity of the accused with intentions of framing him/her. In other instances, the accuser may simply be lying about you, taking advantage of his/her relationship with the courts as a previous victim of your harassment. Attorney Tengler is skilled at presenting his clients in the best light possible while challenging the reliability and validity of prosecuting evidence.

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