Rockford Business Valuation Divorce Attorney

As a business owner, going through a divorce presents both parties involved with a unique set of complexities. The question of what to do with the business in terms of equitable division of marital property must be resolved. Your options can include selling the business, splitting the business between both parties, or reaching a settlement providing for one party's sole ownership of the business. Before the courts can weigh their decision regarding divorce proceedings involving a business, the value of the business must be properly assessed. This can be accomplished most effectively through consultation with a divorce attorney who concentrates in matters concerning business valuation.

At Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C., we work with a team of professionals to properly assess the value of your business. In combination with the expertise of business accountants and other financial experts, our attorney offers expert advice regarding the future of your business. With our client's best interest in mind, we work aggressively to ensure the most fair and desirable outcome.

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