Rockford Divorce Attorney for Hidden Assets and Offshore Accounts

During a divorce, it is the responsibility of both parties to be honest with the courts concerning all marital property. However, it is not uncommon for one spouse to attempt to conceal certain assets. These hidden assets can come in a variety of forms, including money temporarily transferred to the account of a family member or close friend during the divorce process; phony debt, which includes the transfer of money to a friend to pay back a debt that does not truly exist, antiques and collectibles, hidden cash, non-disclosed life insurance benefits, hidden stock options, and money transferred to offshore accounts, which can be difficult to track. Failure on the part of one spouse to fully disclose all information regarding marital property can result in serious legal consequences.

If you have reason to believe your spouse may be hiding assets from you in the event of a divorce, legal assistance is highly recommended. Attorney Tengler possesses the skills necessary to seek and find hidden assets, and ensure that you are recompensed as a victim of dishonesty during your divorce.

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