Rockford Divorce Attorney for State and Federal Pension Plans

As a state or federal employee, going through a divorce can have far-reaching consequences in terms of how the divorce affects your rights to your retirement funds. Many are surprised to learn that pension plans, just as all other money and possessions acquired during the lifetime of the marriage, are considered by the courts as marital property, subject to equitable division between divorcing spouses. The variables surrounding state and federal pension plans are extremely complex, and it is important to note that state and federal retirement plans, including FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) and CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System), differ greatly from non-state/non-federal plans. Therefore, consulting with an experienced attorney is of utmost importance

We at Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. have the tools necessary to handle divorces involving state and federal pension plans. Attorney Tengler's knowledge and experience in handling such matters will be a valuable resource to you as you proceed with your divorce.

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