Divorce and Real Estate Investments

For many divorcing couples, the ownership of real estate investments outside of one's place of main residence can be an issue of great concern. Such real estate investments can include office buildings, rental homes, apartments, condos, or any other form of real estate used to generate income. As a couple's income and assets are equitably divided by the courts, it is important for both divorcing parties to be aware of their rights regarding their property.

In proceeding with your divorce, a few considerations must be made. First and foremost, the value of your real estate property must be assessed. Because the issue of real estate valuation can be a complicated matter, a professional real estate valuator will often be consulted with before the property is equitably divided. Additionally, tax implications of such real estate properties will differ from those of one's marital home. Other factors to consider include whether or not the property was inherited; whether the property was purchased before or during the marriage; and what amount of equity in the property is marital vs. non-marital.

We at Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. understand the many complicating factors involved in proceeding with a divorce, and desire to help you understand your rights to your investment properties. Attorney Tengler is experienced in handling divorces involving real estate investments, and is committed to ensuring that you receive all that you are legally entitled to.

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