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Financial matters are frequently one of the most stressful items in a divorce. As you go through the divorce process, you want to be certain that your best interests are protected. Understanding the financial impact of divorce can be complicated, and at Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. we will assist in making this process as seamless as possible.

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Temporary, Rehabilitative And Permanent Maintenance In Illinois

In Illinois, there used to be three types of spousal maintenance, which included temporary maintenance, rehabilitative maintenance and permanent maintenance.

Spousal maintenance is determined by the courts. The courts used to look at a number of different factors, including the length of the marriage, one person's ability to pay maintenance, one's need for maintenance and more. Now the courts apply a statutory formula in a similar fashion to how child support is calculated. See our white paper for the formula now used by the courts to determine maintenance, which takes into the account the gross income of the parties and the length of their marriage.

It is important you are represented by a lawyer who understands how spousal maintenance affects all other aspects of divorce. We take time to explain the legal matters involved in our clients' legal situations and make certain that your questions do not go unanswered. Our team provides comprehensive advice about all matters relating to maintenance, including divorce and child support.

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