Jun 13, 2018 | Family Law

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how, sometimes, a biological parent may be unwilling to consent to a stepparent adoption or other adoption proceeding even if that parent has not been involved in their child’s life and is, quite obviously, simply trying to be difficult. Unfortunately, these cases can be hard because of the fact that courts are required to give biological parents every benefit of the doubt before permanently severing their relationship with a child they want to keep as their own.

The complexities involved in contested adoption cases is just one reason why a Rockford, Illinois, family who is interested in adopting may want to consult our law office. Winning a contested adoption, after all, takes work, and our law firm is prepared to investigate a contested adoption case fully in an effort to help a family or a stepparent get to have the relationship with a child that they want.

It’s not just contested adoptions where legal assistance is valuable, however. Even adoptions to which the biological parents agree have to be handled with the utmost attention to detail in order to make sure that the process goes forward without a hitch, as even an uncontested adoption is not a guaranteed success for the adoptive parent.

Having considerable familiarity with the adoption process, our law firm attempts to help parents clear the legal hurdles in order to finalize an adoption. We work hard to help our clients accomplish this goal as efficiently as possible and without undue stress.