Feb 3, 2017 | Divorce


Illinois couples who are considering a divorce after a long-term marriage may be interested to learn that Cuba Gooding Jr. filed for divorce from his wife following 20 years of marriage on Jan. 20. The former couple were married in 1994 and have three children together.

Gooding filed for divorce three years after his wife filed for separation in 2014. According to sources, he was seeking joint legal and physical custody of his 10-year-old daughter. His other two children are adults, so custody is not an issue. Additionally, he stated that he would willingly pay spousal support to his former wife. He also asked that income that he earned from the date of the separation be treated as his separately-owned property.

Gooding had suggested that he was looking to reconcile with his wife in an interview in early 2016. At the time, he stated that he continued to see his wife and that they were working together for the sake of their children.

When two people have been married for decades, it is likely that they have obtained a marital estate that include the family home and other possessions. If there is a dispute over who is entitled to what, a family law attorney may assist with a resolution regarding the division of marital property. The attorney may assist with gathering all of a client’s financial information and a list of the marital possession so that they can be valuated properly. The attorney may then help determine what the client is entitled to.


Source: The Huffington Post, “Cuba Gooding Jr. Files for Divorce From Wife Of 20 Years Sara Kapfer“, Brittany Wong, Jan. 20, 2017