Jul 25, 2019 | Child Support


Your child support decision may have been enacted for a short or long time when it seems like something isn’t quite right. Maybe your child isn’t getting enough financial support based on a new sport or activity they are into or maybe their health has required extra medical care lately. Maybe a parent was laid off unexpectedly from their job and anticipate making less in the future. Whatever the circumstance a child support modification may be an appropriate course of action.

Child support orders are court-enforced. That means if a person isn’t receiving the proper child support that they can seek a petition from the court that would back the child support order for any back-payments. What parents don’t have to happen is a slew of back owed child support, as that situation isn’t beneficial for the child. Communication is a great skill to have when co-parenting and it can be useful in situations of child support.

At the Law Office of Bradley R Tengler PC, we know how important the topic of child support can be to your child. Financial support from a parent is as important to a child’s development and well-being as emotional support. It allows them to thrive and grow. If you need to put in a child support modification, we can help.

It’s not a terrible idea to speak with your child’s parent about a child support modification prior to or during the process. However for some parents, communication lines aren’t open. Whatever the situation, a resolution can happen.