Aug 23, 2018 | Child Support


There are many reasons why child support might naturally be on the mind of Rockford, Illinois, parents this time of year. For instance, with school starting, there may be additional everyday expenses, such as for supplies and new clothes.

August is also a time where it is getting closer to end of the year, when people do a lot of financial housekeeping, but it is not so close that the winter holidays interfere with dealing with a child support order.

Finally, August has historically been National Child Support Awareness Month, a month in which state, local and federal officials, as well as other groups, make a particular push to encourage parents to pay their child support not just because it is required by law but also because it is a very important way in which parents remain connected to their children even if they live in separate homes.

Originally started by President Clinton as part of his efforts to make sure parents pay support as ordered, other states, including Illinois, have of late picked up on the idea of August being a great month to educate parents about the importance of child support.

In short, for a parent may have fallen a bit behind on support, August is a good time to consider speaking with an attorney about helping them negotiate a reasonable plan to repay their support without having to face the harsh penalties associated with just ignoring their obligation.

Likewise, both parents of a child can take this opportunity to make sure that their order is current and still accurate, as an inaccurate order can create hardship for their children or make it impossible for a parent to follow the order.