Sep 11, 2017 | Child Custody


When Illinois parents of young children divorce, they must continue to work with each other in order to help raise their children. Co-parenting may be more difficult when one spouse is toxic in his or her dealings with the other parent. There are several things that parents can do to help their children and themselves when this is the case.

It is fairly common for some parents to feel as if the other parents are toxic even when they might not be. In some cases, the parents are simply still dealing with some of the issues that remain from their divorces. People can still minimize the conflicts and enjoy better co-parenting relationships by implementing several strategies.

All of the decisions that are made should be in the children’s best interests. Parents should avoid sharing about their personal lives beyond the children and their needs. They should refrain from talking negatively to or about each other in front of their children. They should also encourage their children to have good relationships with the other parent. By setting ground rules for co-parenting and communication, parents may be able to keep their focus on the best interests of the children. Over time, the parents may build strong co-parenting relationships that allow their children to grow to become better-adjusted and happier adults.

Parents who are embroiled in child custody disputes may benefit by seeking guidance from experienced family law attorneys who may be able to help their clients reframe the issues that they are facing without the heightened emotions that are often involved in these types cases. They may also assist their clients in reaching parenting agreements that protect their rights while also helping their children.