Dec 13, 2013 | Child Support


Many people in Wisconsin are required by law to pay child support. If a person’s income decreases, these payments can be difficult to make. However, once a court orders a parent to pay child support, they do not have the option to stop paying or pay less than the ordered amount until they return to court to modify the current order. In many cases, people do not modify the order and end up falling behind on payments. They are then responsible for paying off these arrearages in addition to their ongoing obligation.

Anyone can fall behind in their payments. Recently, even Beyonce’s father was accused of falling behind in child support payments. He has been ordered to pay $12,000 per month in child support after a paternity test indicated he was the father of a child born to his mistress. The mother of the child stated that Beyonce’s father has missed two payments. As a result, the mother has been forced to take the child out of the school he was enrolled in because she could not keep up with the payments.

Many people are in the situation Beyonce’s father now finds himself in. A parent’s circumstances change throughout the life of a child. People lose jobs or are forced to take a job making less money. Sometimes, people also have medical emergencies and incur massive medical bills or are unable to work as a result of the injury. People in this situation may be able to have their current child support order modified to reflect the change in circumstances. However, if people do not act quickly, they may find themselves with significant arrears, which may continue to accrue until the order is modified.

Many people in Wisconsin may find it difficult to make their current child support payments due to a significant change in their financial circumstances. Attorneys understand these changes and may be a helpful resource as a person seeks a modification.


Source: ABC 2 News, “Beyonce’s father accused of falling behind on child support,” Dec. 4, 2013