Jul 10, 2019 | Divorce


By now many of our readers in Illinois have probably heard about the pending divorce case involving Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man. Bezos and his wife, who were married for 25 years, initiated their divorce case earlier this year, with many people ending up stunned that the world’s richest man did not have a prenuptial agreement in place. However, as many reports pointed out, Bezos and his wife got married well before Bezos made his enormous fortune, mostly from his ownership stake in the online marketplace behemoth Amazon.

Now, reports are showing that the couple has finalized the details of their divorce, and the case is being concluded. The reports indicate that, in the property division part of the divorce, Bezos’ wife is set to receive an ownership stake in Amazon that is worth $38.3 billion. The result? She’ll be the fourth-richest woman in the world.

The other result? Unbelievably, Bezos will remain the world’s richest man. Reports indicate that, post-divorce, his estimated total net worth is at $120 billion, which is still $13 billion more than the next closest man: Bill Gates.

With the amount of money involved in the Bezos divorce, it is clearly the most assets that have ever been involved in a modern divorce case. The case is also an example of the fact that, no matter what your situation is when you get married, you never know how things are going to end up. Prenuptial agreements are primarily intended to keep separate property just that: separate. Even in a divorce.