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January 2013 Archives

4 Tips on How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

When children are involved in a divorce, their feelings can sometimes be overlooked as parents are more concerned with their own feelings. However, the direct and indirect ways in which children are affected by divorce should be handled with great care. Many things must be considered as you decide the appropriate level of openness to have with your children regarding the divorce, including the child's age, mental and emotional maturity, and relationship with both parents. Every family is different, and there is not a one-size-fits-all plan for how to talk to your children about divorce. However, the following describes a few universal recommendations for parents as they consider the best way to handle the issue of parent-child communication.

Three Options for Divorce and the Family Business

When two divorcing individuals happen to own a business together, it is important for both parties to be aware of their options regarding the future of the business post-divorce. A business, like all other marital property, will be equitably divided by the courts upon a divorce. Before this can be done, many things must be considered, including the value of the business; the fitness of each party to run the business; the implications for selling the business regarding the lives of its employees; and the financial health of the business as the changes are made. Every business owning couple is different, and because of this, there is not one single option which is better than the other. The following describe a few options to consider as you decide how to handle your business upon divorcing. Buyout one spouse's share. Depending on the past, present, and future projected success of the business, one divorcing party may desire to buy the other party's share of the company rather than selling the business and dividing the assets. This option would result in the sole ownership of the business by only of the divorcing parties. Before the buyout can occur, the business must be properly valuated, which can be done through the assistance of a divorce attorney experienced in business valuation matters.

Divorce and Communication With Your Ex - A Necessity

While many divorcing couples view their divorce as an opportunity to begin an exciting new life, severing all ties with their ex, realistically these expectations for complete alienation of one's ex are almost never recommended when children are involved in the divorce. After your divorce has been finalized and you begin life as a newly single parent, keep in mind that you and your ex will always share the one thing that you both value more than anything-your children. You will remain co-parents for life, and until your children reach adulthood, you will both be legally responsible for their well-being. To successfully co-parent with the least amount of conflict possible, it is always recommended that the lines of communication remain open between you and your ex. The following describe a few reasons why communication with your ex will be in your best interest.

Divorce and Hidden Assets: What to Look for and How to Find Them

Divorces can bring out the worst qualities in people, specifically in the form of greed and deceit. The person you have shared everything with for the last 20 years may now become your greatest enemy as you litigate over money, assets, and child custody. One thing to consider as you divorce, especially if your spouse was the primary breadwinner of the family, is the potential of your spouse to hide assets and money from you during the divorce process. While it may be difficult to imagine your spouse robbing you of your rights to marital property, investigating the matter before your divorce is finalized is always in your best interest. A divorce attorney will be able to assist you in identifying potential hidden assets and can assure you that all marital property will be equitably divided. The following describe a few measures that can be taken to investigate whether or not your spouse is hiding money or assets from you:

Court reviews custody battle of adoptive parents, birth parents

Many adoptive parents here in Illinois may share the same nightmare, that of the biological parents attempting to regain custody post-adoption. State and federal adoption laws are written in such a way that makes this rare, however, a couple of high-profile cases over the years have demonstrated that this can happen. A case that is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court surrounds this issue.

Illinois divorce: simplicity is more complicated than it seems

The current movie version of Anna Karenina is based on a famous Russian with a memorable opening line. Tolstoy began the book by writing that all happy families resemble each other. He added, however, that each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Child custody: avoiding oversharing about kids on social media sites

Photo-sharing on Facebook and other social media websites has transformed the way many Americans share their lives. Much of the time, it can be a wonderful thing, to post pictures of your kids and enjoy the affirming responses of your online friends.

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