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September 2013 Archives

Rockford adoption agency seeking same-sex couples

A local Rockford adoption agency is currently seeking same-sex couples as adoptive parents. While there has been change in society's attitude towards same-sex couples adopting children, the adoption agency's request is still controversial to some. One local gay person who is an adoptive parent says that he was worried that other children would tease his adopted children since they had two fathers. However, he says that the love he receives from his children and the satisfaction he has being a parent makes it worth it.

Twins Separated at Birth: Divorce and Surrogacy

David Tutera, host of "My Fair Wedding", filed for divorce in April 2013. At the time a surrogate was pregnant with the couple's twins. Tutera is the biological father of the daughter, Cielo, and Tutera's ex, Ryan Jurica, is the biological father of the son, Cedric.

Long military deployments lead to a higher rate of divorce

Since 9/11 many military members from Illinois have been deployed overseas. Long deployments can have many effects on those who are deployed as well as their families and friends back home. For those who are married the long time apart can also put a strain on the relationship. Those marriages face unique challenges that civilian marriages do not have to face. Due to these unique challenges, marriages that involve a deployed military member have an increased risk of ending in divorce.

Too Scared to Get Divorced? You Are Not Alone!

Lack of courage to divorce is the number one reason unhappy married couples stay together, according to a recent study done by a United Kingdom law firm. The study surveyed 2,000 married people and found the top ten reasons unhappy couples stay married are:

Battered Women Syndrome: A Cycle of Violence

Battered woman syndrome is a "psychological and behavioral pattern displayed by female victims of domestic violence" according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Since the concept was first introduce in the 1970s many theories have been developed in an effort to explain why women continue to return to violent abusers. One way of understanding the pattern of domestic abuse is the cycle of violence.

Beloit domestic dispute ended only by SWAT and negotiators

Domestic problems can quickly spiral out of control. Arguments can rage and become physical in the blink of an eye. Domestic violence, when it occurs, can place men, women, and children at risk of serious harm. If emotional or physical abuse goes unchecked for too long, the risk can become a scary reality.

Cherokee Custody Battle Involves 3 Different Courts

Over the past few months, the custody battle over Baby Veronica has captured the nation's attention in the news. Veronica, was raised for the first two years of her life by Matt and Melanie Capobianco. When the Capobianco's tried to adopt Veronica, biological father, Dusten Brown, intervened. The custody of Veronica is now being disputed in the South Carolina courts, the Oklahoma courts, and the Cherokee Nation Tribal Court.

Millions at stake over child support dispute with BCBS

Parents across the Rockford area understand the importance of child support payments. Parents and dependent children rely on this money to pay for basic necessities. In some cases, child support payments are all that keep a family from being in poverty. When it comes to child support disputes, these matters are generally viewed as fights among parents. However, this is not always the case as shown by one woman's five-year legal battle.

What Happens if I Fall Behind on Child Support Payments?

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) helps custodial parents obtain and enforce child support orders. DCSS services are provided free of charge. The DCSS has statutory authority to use special collection tools when noncustodial parents get behind in paying child support.

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