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October 2013 Archives

Does equitable division in divorce mean 50/50?

World's Worst Tenants, a television show on Spike TV, has an episode where a divorcing wife took the idea splitting everything 50/50 very literal. The woman cut everything in the apartment in half including the bed, television, and even the stove. Illinois is an equitable distribution state when it comes to the division of marital assets and liabilities. Equitable is a relative term and does not always mean equal or 50/50.

Hiding credit card purchases from spouse linked to divorce

There are a wide variety of reasons people in Illinois file for divorce. Illinois is known as a no-fault divorce state which means couples can obtain a divorce for any reason. Sometimes it is for infidelity reasons, anger issues or a conflict over expectations in the marriage, as well s for other reasons. One of the other reasons that marriages end in divorce is financial issues such as budgets and the spending habits of one spouse.

3 Steps to Take in Preparing for Mediation

Most divorcing couples find themselves in mediation somewhere throughout the divorce process. Mediation is one of the most used methods of negotiating a divorce settlement. Mediation is a process where a third party is hired to meet with the divorcing couples and help them discuss and resolve the issues of their divorce. The mediator is not there to make the decisions but rather to serve as a facilitator.

NBA star Steve Nash reaches settlement in child custody dispute

NBA fans in Illinois may have known that Steve Nash was involved in a long child custody dispute with his ex-wife. Recently, that child custody dispute ended with a settlement. The couple separated in 2010 and they have three children together. A judge accepted the terms of the settlement and sealed it. The exact terms of the settlement have not been disclosed to the public.

Child support for disabled children: What happens after the kid becomes an adult?

In Illinois, for most families of divorce, child support ends once the child reaches adulthood. There are a few instances, however, where a parent can be ordered to pay child support beyond childhood and into the adult years according to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) at 750 ILCS 5/513. These years (age 18 and older) are referred to as the majority years, in opposition to the minority years (age 17 and younger). One of these instances includes the support of a disabled child. The IMDMA defines a disabled child as one who is "mentally or physically disabled and not otherwise emancipated."

Cell phone drive coincides with Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic abuse is a big concern in our society, and State Representative Chuck Jefferson, D-Rockford, takes it very seriously. There are many different resources available to victims of domestic violence, such as shelters and support groups. However, these are resources available to the victims only after the domestic abuse has occurred. People in abusive relationships need resources to help them prevent the abuse or get immediate help from police when arguments escalate into violence.

How Young is Too Young for Marriage? Minimum Age of 16 in United States

Earlier this month reports that an 8-year-old Yemen girl died from internal injuries she suffered on her wedding night sparked international outrage. Local officials are denying the story is true, calling it all rumors. Officials even report that the girl's father has brought her to the police station as proof the reported incident never happened.

Are Retirement Benefits Marital Property?

Retirement benefits earned during a marriage are generally marital property in Illinois. Being marital property means your retirement benefits are subject to equitable division during a divorce.

Musician struggles with child support for his 11 children

Many people in Illinois pay child support each month. The amount of the child support varies from parent to parent, but one constant is that failing to pay the court-ordered amount is not a legal option. Child support payments may be a significant portion of the parent's monthly income, however, and paying might be impossible for a parent whose monthly income drops significantly.

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