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January 2014 Archives

Singers Captain and Tennille file for divorce

Fans of Captain and Tennille in Illinois may be surprised to learn that the couple has filed for divorce. The singers have been married for 39 years. They married in 1975, which was the year that their first album was released. The singers' most popular songs were "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Muskrat Love." The duo released a new album in 2013, but apparently the love is no longer keeping them together.

Tougher penalties in place for domestic abusers in Illinois

Abuse occurs in many homes in Illinois. Sometimes it is verbal or emotional abuse and other times there is also physical abuse. The abuse can be between adults in the home and other times it will also include the children as well. Any form of domestic violence can have a devastating effect on the victims' lives. The effects can also last for a very long time, especially if there is repeat abuse in the home.

Reality TV's new "Bachelor" owes child support

As many Illinois fans of the reality TV show "The Bachelor" recently found out, the Bachelor for the new season has a young child whom he seems to love dearly. Many fans may be surprised to find out that he actually owes back child support for his child for the past two years. There is now a court order to automatically deduct the child support payments plus payments towards his delinquent payments from his income until everything is paid off.

Establishing Grounds for Divorce in Illinois

In order for a couple to get a divorce in Illinois, the couple must have what is called grounds for divorce. In Illinois, establishing these grounds is not a difficult task. Illinois law provides eleven different grounds for divorce.

Support group helps mothers regain child custody

Many things can happen to Illinois parents throughout the life of their children. Sometimes parents fall into bad habits and must give up custody of their children while they get themselves better. Sometimes parents commit crimes and go to jail or become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some parents are able to get their lives back on track, but they still need to petition the court for child custody in order to have their children again.

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