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March 2014 Archives

Proposed bill would change visitation rules in Illinois

Many Illinois parents have split up and, as a result, must deal with visitation schedules for their children. These schedules typically are a part of child custody orders. It is fairly common in Illinois for one parent to receive more time with the children than the other parent; generally, the parent receiving more time is the mother. Many fathers, though, would like to have more time with their children and in some situations, it may be beneficial for children to spend more time with the non-custodial parent.

Peter Orszag involved in contested child support case

There are many people in Illinois who are currently under orders to pay child support. A child support order is based on the economic situation of both parents at the time child support is set in order to meet the child's financial needs. The orders can work well while the economic situations remain the same, but circumstances change throughout a child's life. People sometimes lose jobs or are forced to take a job making less money and sometimes people start to make much more money. When the circumstances change, a child support order may need to be modified.

The basics of a collaborative divorce and mediation

Getting a divorce is never an easy decision. There are options when it comes to filing for a divorce, and working out the process of splitting property, child support and visitation and maintenance.

Illinois foster children in need of adoptive parents

There are many people in Illinois who would like to adopt children. There are many different reasons people want to adopt, like being unable to have children of their own, they are a same-sex couple, the child is a stepchild they want as their own and many others. Many of these people are either seeking to start a family or build upon an existing family. However, for as many people as there are in Illinois wanting to adopt children, there are just as many or more children seeking adoptive parents.

Divorce after 50 is on the rise

Married couples in Illinois separate for various reasons. The dissolution rate in general has been on the rise for a while and it is basically just as common as staying together. These splits are taking place at various times in the relationship as well. Sometimes a couple parts ways within the first year of marriage and some last 30 years or more before getting a divorce. Whenever the divorce occurs, emotions can run high and people will need to deal with the legal side of the divorce.

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