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June 2014 Archives

Foster kids finally adopted by same-sex couple

There are many couples in Illinois who are not able to have children of their own. Some are physically unable for various reasons, others are same-sex couples and some families really want to help children in need. Others adopt children because they are concerned with another family member's care of the child, or they marry the child's parent. Whatever the reason, adoption is an area of family law that tends to be more of a joyous time as opposed to the battles that take place in other areas of family law, such as divorces and custody disputes.

Property Division in Divorce: What belongs to whom?

As a couple goes through the divorce process, one of most important tasks (on the legal end) is splitting up the property. A judge will decide who receives which belongings, and what portion they will receive. Your divorce attorney will be able to advocate on your behalf, but educating oneself on the terminology surrounding division of marital property is important for anyone obtaining a divorce.

TV personality Sherri Shepard speaks about divorce

As many people in Illinois know, Sherri Shepard, co-host of the popular television show The View, recently filed for divorce from her husband of three years. She recently spoke about having to move on and keep going forward. She stated that having good friends around her has been very helpful. The couple also is expecting a child this summer via a surrogate. Shepard is seeking full legal and physical custody of the child.

Video released brings awareness to domestic violence against men

There are many people in Illinois who have had to deal with domestic violence in some manner. Some people are the victims and others have family members or friends who have been victims. It can be very devastating for the victim and the people who know them. Generally, these victims are women and most people think of women as the victims of domestic violence. However, many men are also victims.

10 Considerations Made by DCFS in Evaluating Whether Children Should be Returned Home

Any parent who has dealt with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) knows that the process can be quite unnerving. In some cases, DCFS may take a child into protective custody if investigative measures reveal evidence of child abuse or neglect. In the event that DCFS takes custody of an abused or neglected minor, the Department will consider the best interests, health and safety of the child in determining the next course of action as it relates to placement of the child.

Bethenny Frankel testifies during child custody dispute

Fans of Bethenny Frankel in Illinois probably are well aware that she is going through a bitter child custody battle as a part of her divorce from Jason Hoppy. Frankel, who is a former reality television star and talk show host, filed for divorce in January of 2013. She is seeking primary custody of the couple's 4-year-old daughter. Her husband is seeking joint custody. Frankel testified in court recently and talked about the verbal abuse and other behavior her husband has displayed since she filed for divorce.

Do I need a lawyer to legally change my or my kid's name in Illinois?

Illinois law allows for a person to legally change his or her name either with or without the legal assistance of an attorney. For the woman who has successfully obtained a divorce, hanging on to the last name of an ex-spouse can be an unnecessary reminder of a stage in life she is trying to forget. Many times a woman will choose to drop the last name of her ex-spouse and resume her maiden name. Another common situation involving a legal name change would include a situation in which a parent desires to change the last name of her child to the last name of her new spouse in the event that the step-parent legally adopts the child. Fortunately, the process by which one can change his or her name in the State of Illinois is relatively simple. The following steps must be followed in order for one to legally change his or her name:

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