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July 2014 Archives

Adopted child flourishes with new family

Many families in Illinois adopt children for various reasons. Adoption is a unique area of family law that can allow children to become a part of a loving family. Many times, families adopt children who are given up for adoption by the birth parent. Other times, the children are taken away from the biological parents by the state, if the parents are no longer capable of caring for the child. In either instance, it can give the child a chance at being a part of a stable and loving family.

Invalidating Pre-Nuptial Agreements: It's possible!

Prenuptial agreements are often recommended by attorneys as an excellent way to protect oneself in the event of a divorce. However, it is important to understand that prenuptial agreements may be subject to invalidation if the terms are found to be unconscionable. Prenuptial agreements are not indestructible. Knowing the law surrounding the validity of a prenuptial agreement is recommended for those preparing to enter into a prenuptial agreement as well as for those seeking to find a way out of the agreement.

Divorce parties are becoming increasingly popular in Illinois

Over the years more and more people have decided to get divorced in Illinois. The divorce rate has increased significantly over the last 50 years and the process has now become quite common. Most states now have no-fault divorces, meaning that a person does not have to have a reason to get divorced beyond the fact that they no longer get along with each other. In fact, only one of the spouses can want the divorce in order for one to be granted. As divorce has become more common, the perception surrounding it has also changed.

Factors Involved in Determining Whether or Not a Case Has a Strong Basis for Appeal

Depending on the situation, the attorneys involved, and the personalities of the divorcing parties, divorce proceedings can last for what can seem like ages. When the whole ordeal is finally over, it can be a huge relief. However, there are times where one (or both) parties are simply unable to live with the decision and they feel as though the judge made an error in interpreting the law. In this event, the parties have the option of appealing the decision to a higher court. Upon appeal, the case is again tried in the appellate court, and the decision of the lower court will either be affirmed or reversed.

Domestic violence family shelter is fundraising this summer

There are many victims of domestic violence in Illinois. These victims can be found in all walks of life and in all demographics. The problem is not isolated to one area or demographic of people. It can be very devastating for not only the individual victim, but their entire family. It also tends to pass from generation to generation if a child grows up in a home with domestic violence. That is why there are various shelters in Illinois and other programs designed to stop this trend and help end domestic violence.

Man serving in the Navy almost loses child custody while deployed

Many people in Illinois have gone through child custody battles. These can happen as part of a divorce or when a child is born out of wedlock. Child custody battles can be very contentious, as dealing with children can be a very emotional experience. The battle may also continue throughout the time the child is a minor. Child custody matters can be very complicated for anyone, but can be even more complicated for people serving in the military.

Guardian ad Litem, Attorney for the Child, & Child Representative: Understanding the roles of the attorneys involved in child abuse and neglect cases

When a parent has been charged with abuse or neglect of a child, the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) will become involved throughout the case. The main goal of DCFS, as well as the court, in deciding the best placement option for the child is to resolve the matter in the best interest of the child.

Pop singers Jenifer Lopez and Marc Anthony finally divorced

Many Illinois fans of the popular singers Jenifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may be surprised to learn that the couple has finalized their divorce over two years after Anthony filed for divorce and almost three years after the couple separated. The couple decided that Lopez would have their children most of the time and that neither party would pay child support or spousal maintenance.

Child Support Doesn't Always End at 18 in Illinois - Exceptions for Children with Disabilities

In most states, child support obligations end when the child turns the age of majority. Upon turning the age of majority, a child is now considered an adult, legally able to make decisions for himself or herself, thus relieving parents of a legal duty to support the child. The age of majority can range from 18 to 21. The age of majority in Illinois 18, or 19 depending on whether or not the child is still in high school when he or she turns 18.

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