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September 2014 Archives

Brandon Marshall's history of domestic violence resurfaces

Many people in Illinois, whether they are football fans or not, have learned that the NFL has come under fire with how it has handled the illegal behavior of some of its players. The main issue is how they have handled players accused of domestic violence. Ray Rice is at the forefront of the headlines, but recently Chicago Bears' wide receiver Brandon Marshall has also made headlines.

How does joint custody differ from sole custody?

There are many couples in Illinois who have contemplated a divorce or may be in the process of starting one. There are some issues that any couple going through a divorce will have to work out, but child custody and child support are issues that only those couples with minor children will need to decide upon.

Illinois parents face many child support challenges

There are many parents in Illinois who have children with a person from whom they are divorced or were never married to in the first place. In these situations child support becomes an issue. It is in the best interest of the child to have parents paying child support to ensure that their financial needs are being met. When child support is not being paid it is the child who often suffers the most.

Grandparent visitation rights to grandchild in Illinois

There are many grandparents in Illinois who have grandchildren, but their own child is no longer married to or in a relationship with the other parent. All too often, the grandparent may not have a good relationship with the other parent, who then will no longer allow the grandparent to see the child. Other times, grandparents may have issues with their own child, who, in turn, no longer allows them to see their grandchild. This can be very difficult for grandparents who have historically established a good relationship with the grandchild.

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