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April 2015 Archives

Domestic violence is a factor for increased violence in Rockford

According to the Rockford Police Department, there has been a dramatic increase in violent assaults and gun shots in 2015. In fact the numbers are up 84% from January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015 compared to the same time frame in 2014. A police deputy stated that the two main contributors to this increase are domestic violence and gangs. Domestic violence accounts for 25% of the calls to the Rockford police. He said often times when there is domestic abuse, there are other issues as well, such as child abuse or neglect.

Can stepparents get custody of a stepchild in Illinois?

In Illinois, many times after a parent has a child, he or she ends up marrying someone else besides the child's other parent. This occurs sometimes in situations where the children's biological parents were never married or in situations where the biological parents are divorced. Therefore, many children have stepparents. In these situations, it is possible that stepparents play a major role in the stepchild's life and they become very close.

Additional expenses not included in child support payments

In Illinois, if parents of a child are no longer together, there is a good chance that one of the parents is paying child support for the child. Child support payments are based on the child support guidelines. These guidelines take into account each parent's net monthly income and a number of other factors. Based on how many children the parents have, the non-custodial parent will pay a certain percentage of his or her net income to the other parent.

Establishing paternity in Illinois

There are many children in Illinois who are born out of wedlock. Determining who the mother of the child is generally not difficult, as it is clear who gave birth to the child. However, determining the father of the child is not as easy of a task and is an unique area of family law in Illinois. When a child is born, there is not a foolproof way of identifying father, short of DNA testing, which is not always completely conclusive.

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