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June 2015 Archives

How to determine whether parents should have joint child custody

Making decisions regarding the well-being of children can be difficult enough when parents are married, but it can be even more difficult after a divorce. After the divorce many decisions need to be made, but the parents are no longer living together and may not get along very well. So, there needs to be an order determining who will be making those decisions for the children and that is what a child custody order does.

How long does one have to pay child support?

Parents in Illinois know that they must support their children while they are minors. This includes many financial obligations such as basic needs, extracurricular activities, medical and dental costs and other financial needs. When the parents are divorced, these financial needs are met through child support paid by one parent to the other.

Illinois mother seeks change in rules for international adoption

Many people adopt children in Illinois every year. The reasons for the adoption can vary greatly. Sometimes a family member adopts the child of a sibling who can no longer care for the child, sometimes a step-parent wants to adopt a step-child and sometimes parents may just want to start a family and have no other means to do so. In those types of situations, there are many places that people can find children to adopt and one of those places is overseas.

Dividing pension accounts in a divorce in Illinois

Dividing assets in a divorce can be one of the more complicated parts of an Illinois divorce. However, some assets are easier to divide than others. Tangible items, such as furniture or automobiles, can be relatively easy to divide. Dividing bank or retirement accounts with a known amount of money can be fairly easy, as well. However, some assets, such as pensions, can be a little more difficult.

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