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September 2015 Archives

Sibling visitation rights in Illinois

Every family in Illinois is unique. Each make up is different as well as the dynamics within the home and between each other. Some families all live in one home with both parents, but this is not always the case. Sometimes parents are divorced or never married in the first place. The parents may then remarry and the family is blended with another one. Due to this fact, family members may not see each other as much as they would like. This goes for siblings as well as for parents and children.

How does one respond to a divorce petition in Illinois?

Many people in Illinois may be unhappy in their marriage and are considering a divorce. However, divorce is much more complicated than simply wanting the end of a marriage. There are many legal requirements that must be met first. Couples will need to go through property division, make determinations regarding child custody and child support if they have minor children, consider spousal maintenance (alimony) if applicable and many others.

New Illinois law protects domestic abuse victims from eviction

There are many victims of domestic violence each year in Illinois. In countless instances, domestic violence can tear families apart and affect many people besides just the victim. It is important for the victims of physical abuse to be able to seek protection from the abuser to prevent any further damage. However, finding the proper protection is sometimes easier said than done.

Allocating parenting time in a child custody case in Illinois

Divorce is not uncommon in Illinois and as a result many local children grow up with parents living in two locations. In these situations there is often a child custody agreement in place to govern each parent's role in raising the child. These orders determine which parent will make the decisions regarding the child or whether the parents will share that responsibility with joint custody.

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