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January 2016 Archives

Bests interest factors in Illinois child custody cases

Many aspects of the divorce process can be difficult for families to work through, but child custody disputes can be particularly challenging, especially for parents. Parents tend to go into custody disputes with the mentality that they have a right to care for and raise their child, and this is true, generally speaking.

What happens if I miss a child support payment?

Paying child support is an obligation that parents need to take very seriously. This money allows a custodial parent to provide for a child and also establishes a link between non-custodial parent and child, regardless of whether that parent also has custody or visitation rights.

Does the hyped-by-some Divorce Day even exist in America?

Perhaps you've heard the term Divorce Day, a depiction used for a particular day of the year on which family law offices are allegedly inundated with queries and concerns regarding marital dissolution. Supposedly divorce attorneys in Illinois and nationally are besieged with calls and office visits on that day, to a degree unparalleled on any other day of the year.

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