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February 2016 Archives

Illinois laws change how we talk about parenting after divorce

There are many negative connotations people have about certain legal terms, especially when it comes to family law issues. Divorce, child custody and asset division are all words and phrases that can make people feel stressed, combative and scared. Even though these are certainly difficult and emotional matters to resolve, they don't have to as bad or bitter as people expect.

Other factors in Illinois child custody determinations

In a recent post, we began speaking about the various factors judges take into consideration when making child custody determinations in Illinois. As we noted, the most important factor is the best interests of the child, but a variety of circumstances impact what is best for children in terms of custody and parenting time arrangements.

Clarification on Illinois spousal maintenance

Over the past few months, our firm has discussed recent transformations within Illinois family law. Most changes went into effect at the beginning of 2016. Much to our liking, one legal amendment has helped elucidate spousal maintenance formulas in terms of calculating the amount and duration of support payments pursuant to a divorce.

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