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October 2016 Archives

Change may be ahead for incarcerated parents paying support

Non-custodial Illinois parents who are subject to a child support order and who then become incarcerated are permitted to ask for a modification if their income is reduced after they are sent to prison, but in 14 states, this is not permitted. Prison reform advocates argue that this results in parents being released from prison to face child support payments plus interest that they are unable to pay. As a result, they may be incarcerated again.

Has the increase of stay-at-home dads impacted fathers' rights during divorce?

The structure of the typical American family has changed since the turn of the century. While stay-at-home dads numbered fewer than one out of every 100 fathers before the year 2000, that number has more than tripled to greater than 2.5 of every 100 fathers living life as a full time dad. The trend toward greater male involvement in the life of children is clear; the impact this involvement will have in child custody cases is anything but clear, however.

Options to resolve child custody issues

Illinois parents who are going through a divorce will need to determine how to handle child custody. While it would be ideal for both spouses to always agree on how to co-parent their children after a divorce, this is not always the case. When differences do arise, there are several options available to the couple.

Deciding who gets the house in a divorce

Illinois couples who are getting a divorce may need to think about what they will do with the family home. If they are not able to come to an agreement on the issue, a judge may make the decision, and the couple may have no recourse. A judge might decide to give the home to one person and a retirement account to the other. While the person who gets the home might be happy with this decision, it might not be the best outcome financially due to the cost of maintaining the home.

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