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Valuable strategies for dealing with a toxic spouse

A marriage that dissolves due to one spouse's narcissism tends to lead to a conflict-ridden divorce. Instead of getting overwhelmed and agreeing to terms that aren't in their best interests, there are a few things Illinois spouses can do to avoid the most common consequences of divorcing someone with a toxic personality. Applying these strategies may help diffuse tense interactions and protect the children from getting put in the middle of unnecessary battles.

In-person and phone conversations may lead to misunderstandings or blatant manipulation when dealing with a toxic spouse. To avoid this, those who aren't interested in arguing or having their words used against them might adhere to a strict written communication policy until the divorce process is final. This could be agreed upon between the spouses or even ordered by the judge.

If a narcissistic spouse refuses to follow the written communication policy or makes any threats of violence, a restraining order might be necessary. Whether the threatening spouse has a history of violence or not, a temporary restraining order could keep the family safe while they work out their differences in court. Divorcing spouses do not have to deal with stalking or harassment. Men have equal access to orders of protection from family courts.

To prevent a toxic spouse from hiding assets or otherwise manipulating the divorce process, it's important for anyone who wants to divorce this kind of person to consult an attorney right away. An attorney who focuses on family law may help a client secure assets and achieve a fair settlement. They may also help a client secure child support. Some divorcing spouses are even eligible for short-term maintenance payments while the case is pending.

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