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3 common post-divorce situation you may encounter

If you are getting ready to file for divorce after many long years of marriage, you may not realize how it can impact your life. Sure, you may look forward to finally being legally single and not having to leave or care for your partner, but decisions made in haste often become items on a list of regrets. 

A walk through the collaborative divorce process

With the recent passage of the Illinois Collaborative Process Act, our state has both recognized collaborative divorce and set standards that will benefit couples seeking an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce. Now that we understand some of the benefits of collaborative divorce, let's look a little more closely at just what happens during the process.

Illinois recognizes, sets standards for collaborative divorce

The end of a marriage is often envisioned as a courtroom battle filled with raw emotions. This is not without reason: for many years, litigation has been a necessary part of the divorce process. However, Illinois recently passed a law officially recognizing an alternative to traditional divorce litigation that may be an option for some divorcing Rockford couples.

Seeking child support from an ex-spouse in another state

Earlier we reviewed the case of a mother who has spent 25 years trying to get her ex-husband to meet his financial obligations toward his two children. While the two live in different states, one federal law in particular does allow the enforcement of child support across state lines. Let's look a little more closely at how this works.

Challenges with child support enforcement across state lines

Even after parents divorce, they continue to bear financial responsibility for their children. Child support payments as outlined in Illinois state law are not a matter to be taken lightly; delinquent payments not only have a negative impact on the children, they can have serious consequences for the parent who fails to make them. Yet sometimes a custodial parent will find it necessary to take legal action to enforce these payments.

Online dating and marriage

Internet and digital technologies have had impacts on a great many things in our world. This includes impacts on the way people meet partners.

What does the divorce process generally look like?

Once the decision to divorce is made, couples in Illinois may feel a sense of relief. However, they may also be concerned about how their divorce will proceed. It is important, then, to have a basic idea of what the divorce process looks like, so you can know what to expect.

Illinois law now addresses the care of pets in a divorce

We all love our pets, whether they bark, purr, squeak or squawk. Referred to in Illinois as companion animals, our furry or feathery friends are truly members of the family. Due to the unconditional love they provide, it might go without saying that if the pet's owners divorce, each party may have an emotional attachment to their pet, and therefore may want to be the one to keep the pet once the split is final.

Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Rockford

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