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Child support a common reason for wage garnishment

According to a study done by ADP Research Institute, child support owed was the most common reason for workers to have their wages garnished. This made up 3 percent of wage garnishments in a study that looked at payroll data from 12 million American workers in 2016. Those in Illinois and other parts of the country who worked for smaller companies were more likely to have their wages garnished because of child support issues.

About 71 percent of those who encountered this scenario were males. In most cases, the garnishment had to do with back child support owed. On the other hand, women were more likely to have their wages garnished because of consumer debts or for other reasons. The researchers found that 12 percent of workers who had their wages garnished had more than one type of garnishment.

When a worker has his or her wages garnished, it could cause stress for workers and additional work for companies. In most cases, an order to garnish wages comes from a court. The garnishment generally doesn't end until the balance is paid in full, and that could include any penalties or interest owed on the debt. Nationally, workers who had their wages garnished faced an average of 1.4 garnishments. Workers in Virginia led the nation with an average of 1.6 garnishments among those who were losing pay to settle financial obligations.

Those who fail to pay child support as ordered may face consequences such as jail or wage garnishment. An attorney may be able to help an individual get a support modification order that may make it easier to make payments in the future. Legal counsel may also be able to help come to a favorable resolution as it relates to making up for back support that may still be owed.

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