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Reasons a divorce may be healthy for some relationships

No matter how long an Illinois couple has been married, getting a divorce is an emotional and often financially difficult experience. While many couples fight to save their marriage, there are situations where a divorce can be the difference between living an unhealthy life and a healthy one. These situations include abusive relationships, if a spouse has an addiction and if the marriage is unhealthy for the kids.

When a spouse is emotionally, physically or verbally abusive, the situation that is created can be extremely unhealthy for both any children involved and the other spouse. Emotional and verbal abuse can escalate to physical violence that can become life-threatening. Spouses who have an abusive partner should consider leaving and getting a divorce so that they can have a chance at a healthy life. If a spouse has an alcohol or drug addiction, trouble with the law is always a possibility.

It may be ideal for parents to separate or get a divorce if they are no longer right for each other. Most parents want to set an example for their children, so ending a marriage that no longer works or creates tension at home may be in the best interests of the children.

Although most couples do not get married with the intention of getting a divorce in the future, the fact is that not all marriages will last. If a spouse becomes abusive or the situation at home has a negative impact on the children, a divorce may allow those involved to find a better alternative. A family law attorney may assist with seeking spousal support and a child custody order if parents decide to go their separate ways.

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