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Risk factors for divorce

Illinois couples end their marriages for many different reasons. However, there are some factors that make it likelier that people's marriages will end in divorce, and not all of them are ones that they can control.

People whose parents divorced are likelier to also get divorced when they are adults. While seeing parents go through divorces may factor in, studies of adopted children whose biological parents divorced show that they are also likelier to divorce as adults, meaning that there may be genetic factors at play as well. People who are more attractive are also likelier to get divorced, which is another risk factor that is beyond their control.

People who get married young are likelier to divorce. Those who spend a lot of money on their weddings are also likelier to go through divorces. Heavy drinkers who are married to sober spouses are more likely to get divorced as are people who get pregnant soon after they marry. Couples whose first children are female have a higher chance of getting divorced, and people who do not finish college are also likelier to divorce.

When couples decide to divorce, they may need to handle multiple issues related to the end of their marriages. Parents who share children may need to determine appropriate parenting plans. There may be issues of child and spousal support as well as property division problems. Getting help from experienced family law attorneys might help divorcing spouses to be able to negotiate comprehensive settlement agreements rather than having these issues be decided by a judge.

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