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Divorce rates vary throughout the U.S.

Illinois residents might find it educational to learn that, similar to many other aspects of life, the divorce rate varies from state to state in the U.S. There are many factors that affect a person's reasons for getting a divorce, including infidelity, growing apart and even addiction, but it is interesting to note that certain regions in the country have much higher divorce rates than in others. Illinois, for example, hovers towards the lower end, with a divorce rate of 7 percent.

Of the five states with the highest rates of divorce, Arkansas led the list with 20 percent, followed by Idaho with 17.6 percent, Oklahoma with 17.21 percent, Alabama with 15.52 percent and West Virginia with 15.38 percent. Overall, the deep southern states seemed to have higher rates of divorce during this period. Northeastern states dominated the list with the lowest rates, with New York having a 4.97 percent divorce rate, New Jersey slightly higher at 5.34 percent, with Massachusetts at 5.5 percent, Connecticut at 6.27 percent and Pennsylvania at 6.59 percent rounding up the list.

The information was the result of a study analyzing findings from the American Community Survey's PUM data, undertaken by the career guidance website Zippia. The data focused on divorce rates for people under 30. However, the divorce rate overall remains between 40 and 50 percent, with many marriages ending by the time the spouses are in their late 30s.

When divorce is a consideration, there are many life-changing decisions that must be made. Whether the spouses are in their 20s, their 30s or older, a person facing the process of divorce might welcome the assistance of a lawyer with family law experience. A lawyer might not only provide advice on the legal aspects of the divorce process, but also help their client to prepare for the changes in life brought about by the breakup.

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