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Studies examine possible causes of divorce

Illinois couples who are only moderately affectionate as newlyweds may have a better chance at a longer-lasting marriage than the most affectionate couples, according to a study that was published in 2001. This might be because these couples are unable to keep up a high degree of intensity over a long period of time. Various studies have looked at how issues such as this one can lead to divorce.

People who dropped out of high school have a higher chance of getting a divorce than those with more education. While this might be related to the strain that a lower income can put on a relationship, income does not appear to be a factor in the higher separation rate among spouses in which the husband works only part time. This might be because many men feel that they should be the breadwinner. Couples who marry in their teens or after the age of 32 have a higher divorce rate than those who marry in their late 20s. Furthermore, the larger the age gap between a couple, the higher the likelihood of divorce.

Spouses who demonstrate contempt for one another may be headed for divorce along with couples who have fallen into a pattern in which one partner withdraws. A spouse who describes their relationship in a negative way is also more likely separate.

Whatever its cause, divorce can be a difficult process that involves dividing property and making decisions about parental responsibilities. A couple has the option of negotiating these decisions with one another and the assistance of their attorneys or going to court where a judge will decide. Negotiation has some advantages, such as often being less expensive and quicker, but it requires the cooperation of both parties. If one person refuses to negotiate fairly, then litigation might be the only option.

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