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The best interest of a child in divorce

Whether a child lives in Illinois or any other state, he or she may feel the impact of a divorce. Therefore, parents may need to consider whether ending their marriage is still the right decision despite what it may do to their sons and daughters. As a general rule, parents should end their marriage if they are the victims of physical, emotional or any other type of abuse.

They should also consider ending the marriage if they are simply happier apart from their current spouse. In some cases, there is just no hope for parents to get along, which is a sign to end the marriage despite the potential costs. However, it may be best to stay in a marriage if the issues within the relationship can be identified and solved over time. In that scenario, it may be possible for a marriage to grow stronger than it may have been in the past.

The long-term effects on a child may vary, but those who have seen their parents divorce may be more likely to do so themselves as adults. There may also be emotional problems to contend with as well as a decreased possibility of that child going to college.

After a divorce, a parent is generally given the opportunity to have a relationship with his or her child. An attorney may work to help a parent obtain maximum parenting time in addition to partial or full custody of a son or daughter. As the law places a premium on meeting the best interest of the child, an individual may be given parental rights over the objections of a child's other parent.

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