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December 2017 Archives

How long-term unmarried couples divide property

Many people in Rockford, Illinois, have lived together without being married for years if not decades. In all likelihood, over their years together, these couples have intermingled their separate property and have otherwise lived a common life and maintained a common home together.

2 times to alter a prenup after marriage

Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly popular among newly married couples. In particular, Millennials appear to realize the importance of such an agreement before following through with marriage. Time Magazine reports that a majority of attorneys have seen an increase in the number of people asking about acquiring a prenup. 

What is the right of first refusal?

Across the board, Illinois law recognizes that children need both of their parents involved in their lives. Therefore, when Rockford parents wind up in separate homes, Illinois family courts will generally want to make sure the child spends time with one parent or the other as much as possible.

Estimating the value of a small business

Many couples in Rockford, Illinois, are involved in a family business. Whether they are the co-founders and sole stakeholders or a part of a larger operation that includes other family members or even those outside the family, these businesses present wonderful opportunities for married couples both in terms of providing a livelihood and growing one's wealth.

Alternative means of resolving custody issues- Part II

Many Rockford, Illinois, parents are probably willing to try to work out their child custody and parenting time issues out with each other without going to court. Not only does doing so save time, stress and money, it also, we are consistently reminded, an important component of making sure that one's children are able to heal more completely after a divorce.

What should I do if I discover financial deception?

A previous post on this blog discussed warning signs a Rockford Illinois, resident who is going through a divorce, legal separation or even the breakup of a non-marital union should look for if he or she is at all concerned if the person's spouse or companion is trying to deceive him or her with respect to financial affairs or property.

Learning the signs of financial deception

When a divorce is in the works, sorting out financial issues can out a lot of stress on both parties. Sometimes, one of the spouses may feel tempted to hide assets in order to gain the advantage when it comes to division, or even simply out of spite.

How one figures income in difficult support cases

Under Illinois law, just about any money a parent makes, even if it is not taxable, can count when a court is determining child support. In fact, one of the most controversial parts of figuring child support is determining the appropriate figure to input for each parent's income.

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