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Collecting child support in the gig economy

Most parents in Illinois and around the country are conscientious about fulfilling their child support obligations. However, there are some individuals who attempt to avoid making payments. Recent economic shifts have, in some cases, made it difficult to use traditional support collection tactics.

When it comes to collecting delinquent support payments, the law provides both parents and state agencies with a number of tools. One commonly used tool is the ability to deduct or garnish payments directly from a parent's wages or salary. This ensures that payments are made regularly and promptly.

Parents who want to dodge their child support obligations have often resorted to working "under the table" for cash. Since these wages aren't reported to state labor boards for tax purposes, it can be difficult for state officials to track the parent's employment or whereabouts.

In the past, these "under the table" jobs were often poorly paid and could be hard to find. However, technological advances have spurred what is now known as the gig economy, in which independent contractors provide a variety of services, such as package delivery, transportation or help with household tasks.

A gig worker can start work after passing a background check and manage his or her business from a smartphone. In addition, these workers can move from company to company, making it difficult for the courts or child support enforcement agencies to track down a parent's source of income.

Parents who are owed child support and are having difficulty collecting may benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. The lawyer could review the client's case and begin investigations into the other parent's employment and moneymaking activity. In some cases, the attorney may be able to use this information to garnish wages and levy other assets.

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