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Dealing with the holidays when parents are divorcing

The holidays can be a stressful time for people in Illinois, and they can be even more stressful for those who are going through separations or divorces. Divorcing parents should keep in mind that their children may also experience stress during the holidays.

Children pay attention to how their parents react to the divorce and to the holidays, and their parents' behavior may impact their own. Parents may help their children to handle the holidays and to enjoy them by keeping their best interests at the forefront. They should try to set aside the bitterness that they might feel toward each other and think about the impact that they might have on their kids.

Parents should try to be accommodating so that their children have the opportunity to spend time with both of them. If the family has traditionally spent time on the holidays with one side of the family, the other parent might want to allow them to do so if they might not otherwise be able to see their extended family members. If a parent is reticent about letting the other parent spend some time with the children, the parent should think about how he or she would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

The end of a marriage may come with emotional conflict and bitter feelings. People who wish to divorce might want to try to set aside their differences during and after the process so that they might make smarter decisions and enjoy smoother divorces. Family law attorneys may help their clients to view their cases from logical perspectives so that they might avoid some pitfalls. They may assist their clients by negotiating agreements about the property division, child and spousal support and child custody and visitation issues with which their clients might be contending.

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