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A parenting plan can help children after divorce

Divorce can be a challenging time for Illinois couples, especially for parents with young children. While both parties may be committed in principle to the best interests of their children, putting that into practice can be challenging, especially those who have a more adversarial relationship. Nevertheless, working together to develop a parenting plan can be critical to fostering a positive relationship for the children with both parents after the split.

Development of a parenting plan can be done through direct negotiations, communication between lawyers or even through the court system. This plan covers issues of child custody, visitation and shared parenting, and it also can address key concerns about how the co-parenting relationship will function. Parents should keep in mind that their relationships with their children and with each other under such a plan will last in many cases for years.

Formalizing the parenting plan in writing can be key to success. By laying out clear guidelines, it can help both divorcing parents to be properly supportive and flexible in relation to their children's connection with each of them. It can also help to establish lines of communication for the parents to share information with the children and set up guidelines for schedule changes, emergencies and other potential conflicts before they occur. Planning in advance can help to make resolving these issues easier and more straightforward.

Parents who are going through a divorce are often dealing with intense emotional concerns and fears regarding their relationship with their children. A family law attorney can work to protect a parent's rights and to provide counsel and representation on all related matters, including child support as well as custody and visitation rights.

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