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Reasons for getting divorced in January

In Illinois and elsewhere throughout the country, many people file for divorce during the month of January. March and August are also common months for couples to get divorced, according to research from the University of Washington. The reason why January is a common month for divorce is that many people prefer to not get divorced during the holiday season. This may be especially true for parents with young children.

For some individuals, the magic of the season may be enough to keep them together through the end of December. At that time, the problems that existed prior to the holidays may come back and be too much for some to bear. For others, the stress of the holidays may be what ultimately causes a person to reconsider being in a marriage. The start of a new year may also prompt individuals to consider the state of their relationship.

Marriages may end for a variety of reasons, and there are different ways to end them. For instance, some people may choose to go through mediation while others may decide to opt for litigation. In some cases, it may require a mix of mediation and litigation to come to a divorce settlement to which both individuals can agree.

If a couple has a prenuptial agreement or similar agreement, it may determine how property is divided or if alimony is paid. Parents may be able to create a plan on their own as to how they will raise their children. However, it may be subject to approval from a judge. An attorney may be able to help an individual learn more about obtaining a favorable settlement and the options available to obtain it. Legal counsel may review prenuptial agreements to verify their validity.

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