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Tips for making divorce preparations

For some people in Illinois, the new year or a return from summer vacation may make them realize it is time to get a divorce. Whether or not a person has made a final decision, there are several ways to prepare for divorce.

The person might want to begin by researching divorce laws in the state. It is important to do this on reputable sites, such as those of the Illinois state court. An individual may also want to begin thinking about what kind of questions to ask an attorney during his or her consultation and whether the terms of the divorce could be worked out through mediation. Another thing to think about and start planning for is what one's future will be like after the divorce. A person should also put together his or her financial records. This might include pulling a credit report and gathering bank statements, pay stubs from the end of the year, credit card statements and tax returns.

It may be a good time to stay off social media or at least reduce its use. Information a person posts there could be used in the divorce. People may also want to think about what kind of self-care will be helpful. For example, they might want to talk to a therapist, start going to a gym or speak to family and friends for support.

This preparation may help people ready themselves for what they will ask for in a divorce and what they are willing to compromise on. For example, it can be difficult for parents to think of giving up time with their children, but it is important for the kids to spend time with both parents. A person who is entitled to a portion of his or her spouse's retirement account or other assets might hesitate to argue over those assets, but it could be important to his or her financial security.

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