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TV star's former partner owes thousands in back child support

Illinois parents can face a difficult time when their former partners not keep up with their child support obligations. Raising a child can be extremely expensive, and even everyday expenses can be overwhelming for a single parent. When parents don't comply with their court-ordered child support obligations, the financial situation of the custodial parent and their child can be stretched to the limit.

Child support is not a voluntary contribution. People who habitually refuse to pay their child support could face jail time, suspension of their driver's licence and other legal penalties. This is the case for the ex-partner of actress Nicole Curtis. He is facing potential jail time after failing to pay child support for Curtis' eldest son, who is now 20 years old. He reportedly owes over $14,685 in back child support.

In December 2017, the father failed to appear for a hearing on the matter, and a bench warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest. The pair's dispute over child support has gone on for years.

For parents who are dealing with raising their child with little or no help from the other parent, the failure to pay child support can be a serious concern. There are a variety of methods that a family law attorney representing a custodial parent can ask a court to use to enforce the order, including wage garnishment, interception of income tax refunds and a passport suspension. However, when the parent who is the subject of the order is legitimately unable to meet those obligations, such as due to an unexpected job loss, then it might be advisable to seek a modification. This would not have any affect on past due amounts, however.

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