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What people get wrong about marriage

There are many myths about marriage that Illinois residents may believe. However, the truth is that people can work to create the type of relationship that they feel most comfortable in. One common myth is that sex becomes less frequent when a couple gets married. While this may be fine for some, it doesn't have to be a given. In fact, less intimacy over time can be a sign that a marriage is in trouble.

Another common myth is that a person has to be an active listener to do well in marriage. While listening can be helpful during a conflict, it may lead to people taking a passive role in their relationship. Some may think that divorce is caused by what may be perceived as personality flaws or weaknesses in a spouse. Instead, it may be that a spouse isn't willing to acknowledge that everyone has flaws and that everyone still deserves to be respected for who they are.

Those who are married may believe that the relationship should be 50/50 at all times. However, the true goal of a marriage should be to feel positive about the relationship and the person who an individual is with. Typically, couples who require a 50/50 split in the relationship are keeping score as opposed to keeping things equal.

Individuals who are getting divorced may have many questions about how the process may play out. Those who earned less than their spouses may be entitled to alimony or other forms of financial support. Parents may generally be entitled to retain access to their children if they are fit to do so. An attorney may be able to answer questions an individual may have or further explain the process.

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