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Review of prenuptial agreements in Illinois

As many residents of Rockford, Illinois, may already be aware, this state recognizes what are commonly called prenuptial agreements, but which the law refers to as "premarital agreements". One purpose of these agreements is to specify what happens to a couple's property, particularly property one or the other may have acquired separately, in the event of a divorce.

What are my options if I am worried about a young relative?

It is an unfortunate reality that oftentimes parents in Rockford and other parts of Illinois, for a variety of reasons, are either unable or unwilling to take care of their children properly. As a result, many kids in Illinois have to deal with abuse or neglect as part of their daily lives. While these children's other relatives, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and the like, may be very worried about their young loved ones, they may not have any idea what they can do about the situation other than hope it gets better.

Advocating for clients in child support income disputes

A previous post here talked about how child support disputes can emerge when one parent is not earning an income. Usually, the other parent will not be able to help but feel a bit jealous and annoyed, since a parent who does not make income does not have to pay as much child support. On the other hand, the other parent may feel he is doing his absolute best to pay support and shouldn't be held responsible for not being able to find a job despite efforts to do so.

Child support when the other parent isn't making money

Many single parents in Rockford, Illinois, who have responsibility for their children most of the time likely feel strongly that they should have help from the child's other parent in the form of child support. However, because the amount of child support a person must pay depends heavily on that person's income, it can be difficult to collect support from the other parent if he or she is not gainfully employed or running his or her own business.

Getting the right help in a protective order case

A previous post here reviewed the different types of orders of protection that are available to residents of Rockford, Illinois, who are victims of domestic abuse or other forms of violence. In part because they are oftentimes matters of "he said, she said," orders for protection cases can be challenging legal matters that present special problems. This is one reason our office emphasizes giving our clients individualized attention and making sure that they understand their options and possible outcomes. We also work hard to be sure our clients have their questions answered.

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