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Representing parents who are fighting enforcement actions

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, there are a variety of means by which a parent in Rockford who is not getting paid child support as owed can force the other parent to pay their debt. From financial methods like charging interest or having a wage withholding in place, to more serious penalties like license suspensions and even jail time, the law in Illinois allows for a variety of means to get parents to support their children.

Review of how contempt works in Illinois

Parents who live in Rockford, Illinois, and who are working hard to form a relationship with their children, may feel very frustrated when the other parent uses their power to withhold parenting time to which the first parent is legally entitled. They have every right to feel this way, and they should not hesitate to seek justice by going back to court and asking for help.

A good legal approach in contested and other adoption cases

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how, sometimes, a biological parent may be unwilling to consent to a stepparent adoption or other adoption proceeding even if that parent has not been involved in their child's life and is, quite obviously, simply trying to be difficult. Unfortunately, these cases can be hard because of the fact that courts are required to give biological parents every benefit of the doubt before permanently severing their relationship with a child they want to keep as their own.

More on the right of first refusal

A previous post on this blog talked about what a parent can do if he or she does not feel that the other parent is spending enough time with the couple's children, and one suggestion pertained to what Illinois law calls "the right of first refusal." This subject warrants further discussion since it can affect many parents in Rockford, Illinois.

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